Textbooks, a thing of the past. Technology is being a game changing during the past decade, every day new devices and technological advances come up. Even schools are starting to realize that the textbook might be a thing from the past.

Apple is working with textbook publishers to create electronic editions that are interactive and engaging for kids and teenagers. It seems that the old days where caring your books from home to school will soon come to an end.

Truth is that the world changes every day and new historical events need to be written down for the new generations. This new information is impossible to add in a textbook once the edition has finished.

Although kids are more drawn to use these devices than old textbooks; the question is clear, is it all as wonderful as it seems?

Are we all helping to create a society where everything happens trough the screen?

Could this push the newer generations more into a technological addition?

Let us know what you think!


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